Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just For ........ (?)

Here's a romantic poem I had written few days back, for no particular reason.
It isn't very great though, I feel I'd be able to write a better one the day I actually write it for that someone special.. :-)

I don't know why,
but the very thought of you always makes me smile,
As I remember holding your hand in mine,
and those beautiful memories flash by,
I realize that you've really made my life.

The sun doesn't shine for me if you're not there,
the moon hides behind the clouds without you,
you're the cradle which's holding my every breath,
you're the only one that makes me feel alive.

Till now, I've kept on running without any aim,
but since I found you, it has never been the same.
Life finally seems to be peaceful and serene,
and I would never want it to change.

I can never let you go now,
I promise I'm gonna hold onto you forever,
no matter what may come in our way,
together we'll always stay.

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