Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cycle of LOVE

We met
By that lonely corner,
Where lives had come to a standstill;
It was hard
To move a step forward
And moving backwards was not a choice.

We felt at ease with each other,
Reliving our pasts
In the form of words;
Hearts felt lighter, minds at peace
And Holding hands,
We moved towards sunrise.

We had the most amazing times ever,
It felt like
We were always meant to be together;
Inseparable was probably an understatement,
We were like
One soul in two bodies.

And then came the drift,
Which was bound to happen
Sooner or later;
Differences started to arise
And with time,
The wall came down between us.

I tried my best to set things right,
But then I realized
That it was never meant to be;
And now I stand again
At that same lonely corner,
Hoping that next time things will be different.

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