Monday, August 25, 2008

A Dead End

Draining my mind out,
I sit here alone,
Wondering and thinking,
What went wrong?
I don’t know why,
Neither do I know how,
But it seems to me
There’s no hope left now.
I’m sick and tired
Of wearing this mask
And pretending to be
Happy from above,
When deep inside
My heart is aching
And is in a livid state.
They think I’m not bothered
But they don’t know that
I’ve been crying out hoarse silently.
I wish I could set things right
I wish I could just know once
Where did I go wrong?
Maybe I can correct it then.
But I can’t do it on my own,
I’ve tried my best
And now I’ve come to a dead end
There’s no turning back now
Because it’s all over and out
I can sit here and sulk
Or I can break the barrier and move on.
It’s very hard to accept it,
But I know relinquishing is the best way.
There’s not a tiny ray of hope left
So why am I still here?
Why am I still bothering?
Nobody has any answers.
I just wish I could understand
These complications of life
But I’m withered away
Seems the road has come to cease,
And the wall can’t be broken,
Because on the other side,
There’s absolutely nothing at all.

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