Monday, March 2, 2009

A Miracle

"One of my rare attempts to a romantic poem"

I stood alone in that dark rainy night,
without an umbrella or any light,
feeling lonely and overcome by fright,
hoping for a miracle to help me stride.

I couldn't help remembering those times,
when things were not bleak and you were by my side.
Life was a beautiful and serene kite,
flying high in the sky with all its might.

You'd eyes only for me,
you were the only soul of my heart.
And as i stood there feeling quite blue,
my only thoughts were just to be with you.

And then out of nowhere, you came into my sight,
you told me that i was your only shining knight.
As i beheld your beauty, you lovingly held my hand tight,
and took me along with you into the bright daylight.

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