Thursday, December 4, 2008


There's no time to ignite,
the fire yearning to burn in my mind,
and no way out of this grave turmoil,
which has taken its toll on many alike.

I seek solace in this time of despair,
grieving over the lost opportunities,
and craving for that one last chance,
to find that key which may open the door.

My thoughts are going haywire,
beckoning me to burgeon out of this shell,
but there's a thrust from the outside,
which's confining me over here.

But as the clock swiftly ticks by,
and the pile of impediments mount on,
I realize that the step has to be taken,
before the remaining paths also vanish.

So I seek that undiscovered light,
to help me stumble upon the right way,
and as I explore the waves in the sea,
I'll leave everything else at bay.

1 comment:

Chetan said...

ok..this is my favourite was so smooth - i easily strode from one idea to another - and yet so assertive..the best part is that evryone will find it refletive, and would connect with it well.Apt title with an optimistic ending; hope we find this 'undiscovered light' soon..cheers and keep it up.